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        What will then happen if the first sudden cooling event comes? Well, it will be cold in the summertime as well as it will be much shorter. The problem for starters is both Canadian and the American agricultures feed 2/5 of the mankind with the grain they export. If the sudden cooling event arrives in Canada there will be not enough time to cover the wheat or corn vegetation cycle on Alberta prairies.  There will be no more food from Canada. The American agriculture will stop exporting it as well and it is already the recipe for a great global famine. The same what can happen in Canada may happen in Russia as well. Ukraine will stop grain exporting too. The famine can only be aggravated.  The truth is the remaining agriculture, also affected, will not be able to feed 7 billion of people. If the first sudden cooling event starts 20 years from now there will be 10 billion people in the world and the catastrophe will be overwhelming.  We have no major food resources, no super granaries, or spare land on the lower latitudes for extra agriculture. Only major reduction of population could save us from pandemonium but it is impossible to do. When the chain of the inevitable events starts it will be too late for any type of the organized action. The civilization downsizing will happen in a very chaotic way. As no one wants to die the people will start to fight for their lives. Whatever number of human beings will be left from it they will have to live in the controlled, artificial environment. The Earth will turn into that “other planet”. The cities will have to be put under domes as the air will have to be fully conditioned there and the agriculture on prevailing part of the globe will only be possible in greenhouses. It is not only because of the low temperature, it is the air dryness and the resulting dust that will force it. How many people will the Earth be able to support then?  The logical answer is - it may be a billion or two, at the most.           And lastly, in conclusion, the purpose of presentation of this theory is neither to ring any kind of a bell, nor to raise any red flag.  If the things foreseen in this essay are to happen, nothing can really be done to prevent them or to ease up their consequences. We cannot counteract such monumental changes. In this way, pessimistically, this essay is just an obituary for the interglacial civilization as we know it today but also, optimistically, the announcement of the future birth of the new civilization, the civilization of the ice age planet that, providing any people survive the tribulations of the transition period, will be completely different from the current one. Our civilization as we know it will cease to exist. If any new one develops out of that it will be completely different world – a civilization of new life styles, new values, new customs, new morality, possibly completely new religion if any, but… there is a chance that in terms of human relations that new civilization will be also better than the present one.


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This essay is not a scientific work per se. It is the result of thinking done upon reading of hundreds of papers and reviewing hundreds graphs and pictures. It is a deductive type work of truly interdisciplinary nature including climatology, meteorology, physics, mathematics, geography, history, archeology, anthropology, geology, biology, ecology, sociology, economy and philosophy.