January 2019 Double Polar Vortex

Polar vortex split due to stratospheric warming which happened in January of the 2019. The polar area became warmer than areas both over the northern North America as well as North Asia (Siberia).

The polar vortex was pushed away from the pole but instead to return to the previous position split into two separate ones bringing savage temperatures both to Canada and the USA as well as to Siberia. The temperatures over Alaska and the North Pole were very mild at the time.

                North American polar vortex moved south well past the Hudson Bay which proves the continent becomes colder and colder
                Siberian polar vortex reached North China which proves the Asian continent becomes colder and colder as well.

        January 29, 2019. Temperatures (F deg.) of the North American (upper picture) and the North Asian (Siberian, lower picture) split polar vortices.

   Z.D. Lawrence animation of the January 2019 polar vortex split.

Excellent view of both vortices.    Over the whole January both vortices moved even more south. The event lasted nearly a month!  So far these phenomena ended within less than a week. Also, the phenomenon tends to repeat itself every winter now instead of once every few years. Definitely, the conditions for the permanent polar vortex split are growing.