Winter of 2017/2018, tropospheric polar vortex split – the event that further harbingers the return of the ice age.

December 25, 2017. North American polar vortex hovers just south of the Hudson Bay, the north Asian one over Yakutia, Siberia but that one has not been paid any attention to – as it can be seen on the picture the title just mentions one polar vortex although the fragment of the second one is clearly visible. In the same time the North Pole area is shown as warm as southern Oregon or South Carolina for example.  

       The above pattern which, in a couple of millennia, will become a permanent one is going to remain a stable atmospheric configuration for another 100 thousand years (as on the map of the former Ice Age below).

The picture presents the range of glaciers in the former ice age (glacial maximum). Proposed location of the two separate polar vortices match the locations of the two momentary vortices formed during terrestrial cooling events of the most winters’ cooling events.

Warm North Pacific Ocean blocking

Warm North Atlantic Ocean blocking